May 2016

I can’t believe it’s been a year!

Well, over the last year, I’ve spent a lot of time developing other aspects of my interests which, as you see below, includes figure drawing. Sorry I’ve been away so long! I selected my 3 favorites for your viewing pleasure. The far left was done from a cast and the other two were done at multiple long-pose nude model drawing sessions.

I haven’t abandoned street painting! Just slowed it down a bit…


Process of Creation :-)

The semi-finished product. Scroll down to see a “sketch” from beginning to end…

phase 5

My process….
It’s a slow process. You can see that if I’m working with a photo, I start with a grid…

phase 1

After an hour or so…

phase 2

Then maybe another hour…or couple of hours…

phase 3

Doesn’t look much different…but it is 🙂 Another couple of hours…phase 4

The light changed a little on the above because daylight was over.
The next morning…phase 5

I still have a little bit left to do (cleaning it up, eliminating the grid) but you get the idea. The unfolding process!

I’m on the lookout for students! Considering conducting a workshop in LA…let me know if you’re interested! 🙂